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Seminar on ‘Investment Strategy in a Volatile Market’

Date: 21st August 09 
Speaker – Pranay Kumar, CFA 
Chief Manager, Cygnus Business Consulting & Research Pvt .Ltd

Venue: Sukanta Academy, Agartala, West - Tripura
Time: 5.30p.m

The CFA Council is organizing an evening seminar on the topic “Investment Strategy in a Volatile Market’’. Indian Investment scenario had witnessed enormous volatility for some time. Equity market had dipped to very low figure and subsequent to March 2009 has jumped by 90%. Real estate after touching dizzy heights is continuing on the roller coaster ride. Gold prices have been growing. FIIs keep one guessing about their love hate relation with India. 

Retail investor has always been intrigued with the direction and speed of movements. The academicians and practioners have developed various conflicting theories. Numerous business channels add their flavour in the scenarios.

The talk by Pranay Kumar, an expert on Investment Management takes a fundamental view to understand the international and domestic economic milieu and nature of volatility. It goes further to understand sectoral developments. The various factors influencing markets is analysed and the different Asset classes are looked to. Pranay suggests the course of action and strategies a retail investor shall take up in this scenario. The talk is well researched and is expected to benefit the students and practioners alike apart from the retail investors.

For further information, on this seminar please contact

Mobile: 09774345879
Email Id: ranjanaagt@yahoo.com