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Seminar on ‘Stock Markets – Catastrophe or Opportunity’

Date: 22nd August 09 
Speaker – Pramod Jain, CFA 
Corporate Trainer & Advisor

Venue: ISFS Auditorium, Nagarjuna Hills, Panjagutta
Time: 6.30p.m

Last two decades have been extremely tumultuous decades in the history of India. On one hand it has seen unprecedented growth and on the other had it has experienced spine-shivering recession. In the economy of any nation, Stock Exchanges play a very important role of mobilizing capital to be used for furthering industrial growth of the country.

Today in India we have grown from paper-based trading to Paperless trading. There appears to be a revolution-taking place in the market and everyone including those who do not understand the volatile markets is inclined to get into the stock market investments. Is this a good sign or a bad one is a point to be debated. Are the present stock markets an opportunity to the investor or are they a source of calamity is one question that every investor must answer before entering into the stock markets. 

The lure of making quick and fast money is very strong in the minds of a few people and because of this many of them have suffered very badly. It has even lead to the extent that many people (Investors) went into a depression and even committed suicide along with their family members.

With a view to get answer to many of these similar questions, The CFA Council is organizing a Seminar on the topic “Stock Markets – Catastrophe or Opportunity’”. 

An eminent speaker Mr. Pramod Jain, CFA who has a string of professional qualifications and 25 years of rich experience in the field of finance is the speaker for the evening. Mr. Jain is an acclaimed Corporate Trainer and has conducted training programs on a variety of subjects for all corporates across the country. He is also a proud member of The Pune CFA Association who passed his CFA in 1991. It would be a pleasure fore the audience to listen from this eminent speaker on this particular topic.

For further information, on this seminar please contact

Mr.Soumya Mukerji 
Mobile: 9160618537
Email Id: cfahyderabad@gmail.com