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A Seminar on ‘Principles of Value Investment’

Date: 31st July 09
Speaker – Mr. Manish Bansal, CFA
Managing Partner, Value Advisors.

Venue: IBS - Mumbai
Time: 6.30p.m

An evening Seminar is being organized on the topic “Principles of Value Investment”. The speaker is Mr. Manish Bansal, CFA, Managing Partner, Value Advisors.

People have always been fascinated with Stock Markets. As everyone wants to become rich and has seen some people making real fortunes in the market, thinks that this is the sure shot recipe to make money. And, interestingly, the moment one buys a share, irrespective of whether based on research or a tip, for short term or long term, with leverage or without leverage, he is conferred on the title of esteemed “Investor”. And, once the dream of making money fall flat with loss on the portfolio, then, he would look for everyone, but himself, to blame.

Benjamin Graham, legendary investor of all times, defined investing activity as business operation, which after thorough research, promises the protection of principle and generates adequate return over a period of time. What a thought process… absolutely immaculate without any doubt in mind. However, contrary to this, for most of us, investing is a hobby/ part time job/ time pass activity/ also an activity outside one’s profession. No wonders….it produces the results, it does.

Objective of this programme is to share the principles of Investing and specifically the value investing as preached by various value investors across the world. Focus of the discussion would be the approach to investing rather than any sector or stock specific discussion.

For further information, on this seminar please contact

Ms.Twinkle Mayekar
Mobile: 09833248033
Email Id: cfa.mumbai@gmail.com