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Seminar on ‘Bank Frauds - An insider's view'

Date: 20th March 09
Speaker – Subash Chandra Misra, CFA
General Manager
Reserve Bank of India

Venue: Malaxmi, Srinagar Colony
Time: 6.30p.m

The Hyderabad CFA Association is organizing an evening Seminar to discuss Bank Frauds - An Insider's View. The speaker is Mr. Subash Chandra Misra, CFA General Manager, Reserve Bank of India.

Mr. Subash Chandra Misra, of Orissa completed his post-graduation in political science at Utkal University, Bhubaneswar, Orissa. He joined State Bank of Hyderabad as a Probationary Officer and worked at various places and then he switched to Reserve Bank of India. Currently, he is working as General Manager at Reserve Bank of India in Hyderabad.

Bank frauds are there since the day's banks started running but the technique and the frequency have changed. Gone are the days when banks were small and employees were selected by the owner based on personal knowledge of the family background of the employees. The employees owed personal allegiance to the owner. Today in a world of impersonal relationship, both outsiders and insiders, perpetrate frauds.

For further information, on this seminar please contact

Mr. Dipesh Kumar Dipu, CFA

Secretary – The Hyderabad CFA Association
Mobile: 989600236
Email Id: dipesh.dipu@in.pwc.com

Ms. Shweta

Mobile: 9989069294
Email Id: fahyderabad@gmail.com