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Seminar on ‘Shaken Investor Confidence – Learning & Surviving'

Date: 28 th February 09
Speaker – Kalyan Debnath, CFA
Executive Vice President (Control Business Process & Quality)
Peerless General Finance Investment Co. Ltd

Venue: Bharatiya Bhasa Parishad
Time: 6.30p.m

The Kolkata CFA Association is organizing an evening Seminar to discuss the Shaken Investor Confidence – Learning & Surviving. The speaker Mr. Kalyan Debnath, CFA

Executive Vice President (Business Process & Quality Control), Peerless General Finance Investment Co. Ltd.

The Speaker will talk on Investor confidence that has been shaken by several incidents fuelled by unprecedented global financial meltdown that commenced from early last year accompanied by abnormal oil price rise. He says that the situation turned into a nightmare for the financial market globally with the fall of Lehman Brothers creating tremendous lack of resources resulting into a demand recession in the economy and choking liquidity. Many of the growth plans were shelved, job opportunities cut down, pink slips floated all around the globe, many one time greats faced identity crisis, financial institutions ran lack of fund, the analytical community & their analytics were challenged, firms with leveraged position dipped into red and all these got reflected into nose-diving of capital market indices across the globe whereby investors lost money close to 50% to 70% of their investment. Perhaps all these were not enough came the biggest corporate fraud in Indian context through the ‘Satyam' saga as a bolt from the blue.

Mr. Kalyan Debnath will discuss about the biggest worries in the mind of the investors. He will discuss in depth about,

•  How can we rely on the corporate governance system in the country?

•  Do our corporate have adequate control mechanism to get forewarn?

•  To what extent, in future, the financial modelling techniques of the so-called ‘intelligent babus' and Financial Engineering will dominate the financial market - which only stimulated greed to destroy the backbone of global economy?

•  What is the real dimension of Enterprise Risk Management system in India Inc.?

•  Are the auditor's community reliable and how can we keep trust on published information?

•  Can the economy revive to make good the losses and how long the recession might last?

•  What should be the role of investor community and investor strategy to tackle such situation?

The seminar intends to focus on this aspect more, than simply beating around the bush to learn who is responsible & what steps being taken. ‘Investor is the King' – they say and ‘Many Investors are fools' – some of them believe. ‘Let us be king and rule those who spend not tricks untried to take us for a ride to disaster' – as more and more investors started roaring. The seminar intends to trigger that roar.

For further information, please contact

Mr. Pankaj Shah, CFA    

Secretary – The Kolkata CFA Association

Mobile: 9874659424
Email Id: pankajshah@vsnl.com, ps@vsfinance.in                 

Mr. Jayanta Bhattacharjee

Mobile: 9831030480, 9330902919

Email Id: cfakolakta@gmail.com